Carlotta Mastrojanni is a filmmaker based in Ojai, CA near Los Angeles.

Since receiving international recognition for Bad Weather, the story of an island of prostitutes in Bangladesh, Carlotta has been dedicated to bringing alive stories from tribes and communities across the globe.

Her direct experience of living amongst diverse communities and passion for studying varied modalities of healing sciences, allows her to be a powerful conduit for the collective story of our nature as human beings. Whether through the voice of the extraordinary every day turned on women of our time or the ancient wisdom of the elders, Carlotta seamlessly weaves new insights into intimacy, connection, love and sex, with cutting edge discoveries in science, sound and ancient medicine that shape our understanding of interconnectedness. She has the capacity to subvert the old paradigms with the new, only to take us back to our roots and innate knowing.

Drawing from an extensive career back in London in Film, Advertising, and CSR, Carlotta brings stories alive through the art of documentary storytelling, as well as books and photographs, believing in bringing together teams of talented artists and filmmakers to collaborate and have a chance to showcase their work.